AESTIUM Management Consultants and Innovation Hub for FinTech Companies

"AESTIUM INNOVATION HUB" Is centred on a network of motivated mentors and industry specialists to help you realise the growth of your business.

About Aestium and "innovation hub"

Management Consulting and Mentoring
Management Consultants and Business Mentors

Gibraltar based Management Consulting company and business accelerator for local and international entrepreneurs, focusing on Fintech, AI, e-Money, e-Commerce, Blockchain and ICO's. It brings together our collective and extensive experience in established start-ups to building an audience, monetising product and accelerating growth. This is done through the “Aestium Innovation Hub” TM . Through the Hub and its mentors, we have and are in the process of accelerating companies.

  • The Aestium Innovation Hub TM uses the skills and experience of Mentors whom provide shared services and shared expertise which otherwise on their own would make the growth of your company experience expensive and also a very lonely experience. Why not learn from our success and avoid costly mistakes often experienced when you start to grow and accelerate your company?

  • We help companies which are looking to establish in Gibraltar, UK and Europe.

  • We use our mentoring skills from the Hedge Fund, Investment Management, Private Equity and Direct Investments arena to help grow and accelerate businesses. Specialising in eComm, FinTech, Investment, Blockchain and Disruptive Technologies like BLOCKCHAIN.

  • At Aestium we are experienced and focused consultants, working with our preferred partners, in providing FinTech Companies, with the ability, of how best to structure growth for their businesses, funding and tokenisation of their customers and supply chain. By bridging the gap between initial private funding, venture capital and then tokenisation on the blockchain, we guide companies through the process of de-materialising funding assets in a digital form. We apply best practice’s in our approach in the delivery of solutions for our clients.

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